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Reach the most engaged users and grow your app’s user base globally. Our scalable technology-driven solutions drive mobile growth to continuously target, optimize, boost and protect your campaigns.

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Dive into the deep end of social media by leveraging the power of influencer marketing. With our proven track record, we can help maximize your ROI/ROAS and deliver visible results in a creative, efficient and scalable way.

Latest Insights

Von Gamification über AR bis hin zu Playable Ads: Diese fünf heißen Trends müssen Mobile-Marketer kennen

Das WeQ-Team war auf dem diesjährigen Mobile World Congress in Barcelona und hat sich intensiv mit den Vorträgen zu den Kernthemen Digital Trust, Immersive Content und AI auseinandergesetzt. Dabei haben wir fünf Trends identifiziert.

アプリで恋活・婚活 マッチングアプリのトレンド

3月に入りホワイトデーが迫ってきているため、今回はWeQの最高業務責任者であるSven Lubekより、近年のマッチングアプリの動向についてご紹介いたします。データや傾向は主に米国のマーケットのものですが、日本のマーケットにも似た傾向があると言えるでしょう。

MWC19 4日目のハイライト


MWC19 Highlights – Day 4

Despite its high pace, Mobile World Congress is one of those events that’s more like a marathon rather than a sprint. On Day 4, we can certainly claim that we have made it! We were still there bright and early to showcase our current offering, discuss partnership opportunities and swap advice with our peers.

MWC19 3日目のハイライト


MWC19 Highlights – Day 3

On the third day of Mobile World Congress, still energetic and smiling, we were there to meet with even more clients and partners. It’s not like “Go Beyond” is one of our core values for no reason!

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