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WeQ drives user acquisition and engagement to deliver mobile performance and branding campaigns. Headquartered in Berlin with an office in San Francisco, it has a global footprint in Tokyo and Seoul. WeQ’s experts enable clients to achieve their goals by combining a client-centric approach with purpose-built, state-of-the-art technology across 180 markets.

Led by accomplished mobile industry leaders, WeQ is inspired by a forward-thinking, socio-economic movement that is striving for a cultural shift from an exclusive “I” culture to a collaborative “We” culture. We believe in creating synergies, sharing knowledge and working towards joint solutions. This is exemplified by how our teams join forces and partner with our clients to reach their advertising goals.

The Q stands for two elements; the collective human forms of intelligence and the intelligent technology that is shaping our world. United, We + Q = WeQ, represents the unified, comprehensive form of human & tech intelligence.

Our core company values unite and motivate us in our mission to drive best-in-class, global mobile user growth and engagement at scale.

Riccardo Pozzolo
Markus Malti management icon
Managing Director
Riccardo Pozzolo
Sven Lubek management icon
Managing Director
Riccardo Pozzolo
Tanja Wienholtz management icon
Group VP Finance, Controlling, HR & Legal
Riccardo Pozzolo
Anton Marcuse management icon
Chief Technology Officer
Riccardo Pozzolo
Elena Kutsopal management icon
Managing Director WeQ Influencers
Riccardo Pozzolo
Olga Wese management icon
Managing Director WeQ Influencers

Our Values

Initiaitve Thinker Initiative Thinker Think and act on it We are smart, quick to understand and react to things, always bringing new ideas to the table and turning them into practice.
Initiaitve Thinker Deep Diver Dive for knowledge The foundation of all our actions is a thoughtful and in-depth analysis. Once we analyze the questions and gain the knowledge, we act in a simple and pragmatic way by focusing on quick wins first and working towards long-term goals.
Initiaitve Thinker Persistence Stay on track no matter what We stay on track and never give up, even if we have to push ourselves and others to get what we want and what we set our hearts on.
Initiaitve Thinker Go Beyond If you can’t enter through the door, enter through the window Going above and beyond to make things a roaring success is woven deep into our DNA. We go boldly and if we can't go through the door, we will enter through the window.
Initiaitve Thinker The best of me Always strive to be the best version of yourself We strive to be the best version of ourselves and work hard to achieve it.
Initiaitve Thinker Life is wonderful, life is sharing Positive minds create positive vibes We can always adapt to different situations and people. We are respectful, understanding and welcoming to everyone. We reach our goals together by helping and supporting each other.

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8 July 2019
Barcelona, Spain
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