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It’s Our Birthday! Celebrating One Year in the Mobile Advertising Business

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Our journey in the mobile advertising ecosystem started exactly one year ago yesterday, when we launched WeQ to deliver mobile performance and branding campaigns on a global scale. Our mission is to enable companies to kickstart and scale their app’s growth journey.

From the beginning we always dreamed big and continue to do so. Ahead of our launch, we had secured a strategic investment of up to $50 million in USD in internal funds and debt capital to accelerate an ambitious global growth path, setting us off to a promising start.

Since then, we have continued to achieve measurable results for clients worldwide, while expanding our business offering. In the past 12 months we have achieved some great milestones: we have unveiled a range of proprietary solutions, including our solution to fight fraud called WeQ SHIELD; we have established a new office in Tokyo as part of our APAC expansion; and we have launched a new business unit WeQ INFLUENCERS to unlock new marketing significant channels for brands – and there is much more to come!

While looking back, we also recognize that WeQ’s successes would not have been possible without our outstanding team and collaborative efforts. From the get-go, we have gathered a highly knowledgeable global team of experts with a wealth of experience in media, desktop, mobile, gaming, big data and machine learning. Behind WeQ are 100 technology and marketing professionals from more than 30 nations. We then combined this human experience with machine learning, in order to create bespoke mobile marketing solutions and drive high-quality user acquisition for clients. As a result, our unique approach balances data with human intelligence, and allows our clients to focus on what they do best: building great apps and growing successful brands.

So we’d like to thank our trusted partners and esteemed colleagues who have accompanied us on this journey so far and continue to do so as we aim to scale to new heights. We were happy to celebrate our first birthday with our colleagues at WeQ HQ yesterday at a special event (and of course, we couldn’t do without a birthday cake provided by Denise Sigleur and some bubbly)! Make sure to check out our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram to see how WeQ celebrated turning 1-year old.

We have some exciting plans currently in the works and look forward to sharing them with you! So, stay tuned on our blog to catch up on all the latest news and company announcements, to discover how we can continue to help you scale your mobile campaigns globally.


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