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Celebrating WeQ’s Summer Groove as Woodstock Turns 50

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The summer of 2019 marks the 50 year anniversary of the iconic Woodstock festival – which was held during the infamous summer of 69. So this year, we decided to give the WeQ summer party a decidedly hippie twist! We promptly dusted off our bell bottoms, borrowed our parents’ fringe vests and tie-dye shirts (or alternatively indulged in some vintage shopping) and even glued some sideburns on! It was all about bringing the good vibrations to our yearly company event, held at WeQ HQ.

Other than to commemorate the legendary festival that defined a generation as it turns 50, we also celebrated our company achievements for the whole year with our esteemed colleagues. Since launching WeQ in April 2018, many changes have taken place, and in 2019 we have reached new milestones with the launch of WeQ INFLUENCERS and WeQ STUDIOS which further expand our offering. Both the influencers agency and gaming studio joined the WeQ family in the Spring of 2019. With APAC being a core market, March 2019 saw WeQ establishing a new office in Japan and successfully working with one of the leading brands in South Korea Allstay, among other clients. As customary, we kicked off the evening with a speech from one of our MDs, Sven Lubek.

Through the evening, we carried the “flower power” theme across the range, from our outfits to the decorations. Firstly, it was instrumental to have a fitting soundtrack, comprising of rock’n’roll classics like “Purple Haze”, “California Dreamin’” and “Somebody to Love”. With the grills on full blast and the barbecue out in full force, partygoers were treated to delicious live-cooking with an “Americana” flavour, courtesy of the Die Grillmeister catering crew. On the menu, we had American style BBQ with spareribs, Texan beef steak, gambas skewers, grilled corn on the cob, cole slaw and fresh farmer salads. Delicious! The drinks were flowing, as our DIY station was replenished with special Kukki cocktails — an innovative natural, free-from-preservatives cocktail that comes with ice already in the bottle — plus other cocktail ingredients and a variety of drinks including beer, wine and prosecco.

As for the decorations, we translated the “love, peace and music” festival motto with the presence of peace signs and festival slogans; flower garlands and psychedelic, colourful paraphernalia as the backdrop. No hippy party could be complete without the Volkswagen Bulli – so we rented a deep red one via Old Bulli named “Mrs. Rosemarie” and turned it into our photography set for the evening. Aside from enjoying the cozy set, our pictures had that vintage, lived-in feel that hippies know and love.

A big thank you goes out to our wonderful event organizer Vanessa and the volunteers who helped her put it together – and of course, to all the stylish crew of attendees who made this a fun and memorable event!

Check out our picture gallery as we took a walk on the wild side on this fun evening! We included a selection below.

For the full album, visit our Facebook page and have a look at our Insta Stories under the hashtag #WeQSummerGroove and in the “Events” collection on Instagram.


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