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Getting the Marketing Mix Right: Burst Campaigns

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Launching a mobile app, or maybe you want to enter an unfamiliar market? You might want to consider incorporating burst campaigns into your marketing mix. Enter WeQ BOOST: an innovative app ranking solution based on burst campaigns which helps boost an app’s popularity to the top of the app store charts. It’s also important to find the right mobile experts to incorporate such campaigns. On this note, we’re delighted to introduce the latest addition to our team: Stanislava Todorova, VP of New Media Solutions at WeQ. We asked her to bring clarity to the topic and share the most common scenarios for mobile advertisers to use burst campaigns and achieve the best results. For any enquiries about our newly launched solution or to work with WeQ BOOST, please contact us here. Also, read our WeQ BOOST press release here.

Sisi, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey in ad tech?

It was quite by chance that I ended up in the ad tech industry, my background is in economics and business. I specialized in entrepreneurship in my Master’s, looking into factors that influence the success rate of startups: with Berlin being such a hub for entrepreneurship, startups and innovation, moving here was a natural choice. Around 6 years ago I applied for an internship in a mobile marketing company called Trademob, there I was helping with establishing a ranking solution — which back in the day looked very different to what it is now. Later on, my journey took me to Glispa, where I was able to evolve my role and take on more responsibilities and projects on a much bigger scale. This gave me the opportunity to grow and learn. I am very excited to have joined WeQ to work on and launch the new WeQ BOOST solution.

You’ve been working on burst campaigns for a while, what major changes have taken place throughout this time?

It is surprising to see how many different approaches we have tried over the years and it really comes down to how Apple and Google have changed the rules. Back in the day, it was all about the app recommendations and we used to book inventory from a single app. However, this shifted over the years to aggregating traffic from multiple sources, in order to create the necessary scale. Ranking categories have also experienced numerous updates. For instance, both the Google Play and Apple Store have split the ranks for games and non-games by creating two different pillar. As a result of this split, now both games and apps have better chances for improving visibility as number of competing apps in the same tab is reduced – in addition, according to Business of Apps, about a third of the apps in the store are gaming apps. All these adjustments are making us constantly rethink and innovate on how we are approaching the specific package for a client. It is always a tailor-made plan rather than off-the-shelf product, as we always take a highly consultative approach in ideating the best plan that fits a client’s app.

How can burst campaigns be used by app developers for user acquisition?

A burst can be a very powerful tool during the beginning of the lifecycle of an app: it offers a great kick-start to help the client’s app to get noticed in the respective app stores, resulting in stronger organic growth. That being said, burst is never a stand-alone solution. This means that it is part of a bigger marketing strategy and should be used in combination with sustainable campaigns, depending on the needs occuring at various points of the app’s lifecycle. Bursts can be also extremely useful if you are tackling a new market, or if there are certain special events that have a big influence on your app (e.g Cyber Monday or Black Friday for shopping apps).

What is the effect of a burst campaign on the long-term monetization of the app?

The most immediate effect of a fast user base growth for new apps is reaching the critical mass needed for monetization at scale: the more eyes on your app, the bigger the opportunity to make money with your advertising space or increase you revenue from in-app purchases. The main goal of a burst is to bring as many new users as possible in a cost-efficient way – which is yet another good reason to incorporate it in the app’s marketing mix over time. For instance, it is extremely beneficial for clients to plan burst campaigns around seasonal events like Christmas, Cyber Monday or Black Friday – or even the World Cup – for maximum revenue impact. Therefore, bursts can be really used as a tool to invigorate the monetization of the app and can prove beneficial both whether you are a new app, or already established and in need of a “boost”.

How do you and your team work together with clients to create bespoke campaigns that are optimized to their needs?

There are two scenarios. One: where a client is actively interested in the burst campaign; is aware of what a burst campaign is, and wants to incorporate it into the marketing mix. Second scenario being where we evaluate every potential client and actively propose a burst campaign, as we see it as a good fit for their needs. It is greatly important in both scenarios to do a pre-qualification of the app, the client, the client’s needs, the budget, and the rank expectations. We also dig deeper in order to advise why a certain rank and category would make sense. For us it is very important to guide the client and explain how they can get the best bang for their buck. There are of course certain cases where the client wants to be No 1 in the store ranks for their category, but that could be very expensive, and the added value might not be that much higher as targeting a rank that is slightly lower — 5th or 10th in their category, for example. We want to make sure that the budgets are used smartly and bring the best ROI. This is why our teams always go through this pre-qualification process and prepare a specific tailor-made plan. In the end, this leads to working with bespoke campaigns where a specific media plan is set — and it ensures the necessary scale needed for the app to reach a certain rank target.

WeQ is launching a new innovative app ranking solution called WeQ BOOST, can you tell us a little bit about it?

WeQ’s model is set on combining our team of ad tech veterans with innovative technology, to ensure that mobile performance campaigns are targeted and effective. What I would like to instill in the company is the attitude of having the solution as a part of a holistic marketing strategy, making sure that we give the client not just stand-alone solutions, but rather a comprehensive package where different needs can be addressed throughout the app’s lifecycle. We are using our in-house technology and work closely with data to analyse user behavior. We then use these learnings to recommend better campaigns to each consecutive client.

What is one mobile marketing golden rule you would like to share with our readers?

One of the golden rules that I have and try to share with my clients is: “Keep an open mind and don’t look at solutions as operating independently. Try to look holistically at the big picture and see what tools you can use to address the different needs throughout the lifecycle of the app.”

Want to drive the best ROI for your app using WeQ BOOST, or have more questions about our new app boosting solution? Please contact us here – we’d be happy to assist you.

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