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MWC19 Highlights – Day 1

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Mobile World Congress 2019, the world’s largest trade exhibition for the mobile and telco industry, has officially started and the WeQ team is on-site and happy to share some highlights.

Our 22 square-meter booth has been a busy space of meetings and chats over freshly brewed coffee with clients, partners and industry friends.

Throughout the day, we have been sharing live updates from the talks and the following are some of the memorable quotes, stats and takeaways.

Privacy Today

We kicked off the week with an important topic of customer privacy by joining a talk on Maintaining Consumer Trust in a Digital Economy.

81% of consumers have some concern about safety of their personal information, yet only 10% feel they have complete control over it. As more sensitive information is exchanged online, privacy and security is a growing concern for most consumers.

Jordan McClead, the Privacy Lead at Google, used a powerful comparison that gaining trust is like climbing a mountain and losing it is like jumping off a cliff.

According to McClead, the claim that customers care about privacy resonates strongly when backed up by stats. For instance, 9.7 billion people search “privacy” on Google versus 59 million who search for waffles. Privacy is searched three times more than safety and five times more than freedom.

According to Shailaja K. Shankar from McAfee, bringing back digital trust in consumers is a collective responsibility for the user, business and regulatory bodies. “We built the ecosystem and have to come together as an ecosystem to solve it,” she mentioned.


Our second talk, called Unlocking the benefits of 5G for the Enterprise Market, brought together business leaders, who discussed the economic value of 5G for all the stakeholders involved.

One of them was Asa Tamsons, SVP, Head of New Technologies & New Businesses at Ericsson, who shared with the audience that 5G is a platform for innovation. On the consumer side, AI and IoT will be powered by 5G, and they will also open new opportunities on the enterprise side. ”I think 5G will have the same effect as electricity and steam in industrial revolutions,” she added.

Immersive Content

During the last talk of the day, we focused on immersive content. The Business of Creating Amazing Consumer Experiences brought together experts from the companies that created amazing immersive experiences to discuss how these engagements have benefited their business.

In 2010, it was very apparent that kids are not going outside enough and so Phil Keslin from Niantic, the creator of Pokemon GO, decided to leverage with his partner their experience with Google Maps to get kids to explore and exercise by playing the game. We at WeQ also know that it wasn’t only just kids who got taken over by the Pokemon GO craze.

Omar Khan, CPO at MagicLeap, mentioned that they were grounded in this similar idea, since according to him we are seeing the harmonization of the digital and physical world. Real and physical combined. “Our goal is to enhance our human capabilities – maximizing capabilities,” said Khan.

WeQ Happy Hour

It wasn’t just the talks and meetings that kept us busy. We also found some time to mingle. Our WeQ Happy Hour was a perfect opportunity to take a break from the MWC madness after a long day’s work with some delicious snacks and drinks.

We are looking forward to more talks and meetings on Day 2. Bring it on! The WeQ Team is ready!

Don’t forget that we are hosting a special sweepstake during the event – make sure to swing by our booth to enter! More details here.

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