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MWC19 Highlights – Day 3

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On the third day of Mobile World Congress, still energetic and smiling, we were there to meet with even more clients and partners. It’s not like “Go Beyond” is one of our core values for no reason!

Although 5G topics took the center stage on the first two days, data privacy, blockchain and AI also emerged as dominant themes throughout the show.

We started our day with the session “Privacy in the Era of Intelligent Machines: Designing AI solutions that protect people’s privacy and data.” It brought together mobile industry leaders, innovators, researchers and policymakers, some that we already had a chance to listen to before on Day 2, to share their experiences.

The discussion focussed on the best practices for designing privacy into AI-powered solutions and emphasized the risk of data sets being distorted. Dr Ieva Martinkenaite, Vice President at Telenor Research, highlighted that math is objective and data is not, since it’s socially constructed. “Whenever data is analyzed, context always needs to be taken into consideration,” she noted. Reinforcing a point she made the previous day, companies should not be the sole decision makers and the conversation needs to be broader to avoid any biases. She also predicted that “out of the box software” being bought from big companies will add ethical software/rules embedded in it in the future.

AI in Advertising offered a great panel discussion with extremely engaging speakers, who encouraged marketers to invest in AI to deliver advertising that is relevant, contextual, and personalised to individual consumer preferences.

Adam Powers, CEO at Tribal Worldwide, shared how they use AI in advertising and how to make content and contextual experience for users. “Offer an experience where the application of AI is an invisible factor: emotional engagement and conversion focus. Magic can happen in the details, the small things and looking at the practical application of AI. For example: a client in Indonesia uses machine learning to forecast fashion trends by feeding in various data points, and image uploading to forecast in which part of the region certain products will sell.”

He continued, “We do a lot of work with automotive brands – as a whole sector, they are thinking quite deeply about AI. There are indications and projects that will explore how you talk to your prospects, customers and brands loyalists to communicate concepts that are quite elite. How do you communicate that? You have to use as much data about them to make the communication as engaging as possible.”

Neil Stubbings, CRO at IV.AI, mentioned: “Brands need to try to keep up with changing consumer behaviour. It’s the age of availability. A brand should be available on any platform that the customer is, and that’s the challenge and the opportunity for brands to transact with consumers…people are looking for things that feel more native.”

During the session Blockchain: Touch Point vs. Trust Point, we listened to some great case studies of companies employing this technology for improving their infrastructure and security. It was also interesting to learn how blockchain in today’s digital world can impact not only companies, but also teh public.

Reskilling for the Robots was the last talk that we joined on Day 3. The session focused on the implementations of AI in various organisations and provided some great examples of how organisations can successfully create an AI talent pipeline.

Encouraging employees to become competent in using AI and reinforcing a culture of lifelong learning can create the right path for development. Placing emphasis on strengthening the human skills that AI can’t replace like strategic thinking, interpersonal relations, etc. is the key to successful implementation.

Many thanks to all MWC attendees who entered our #WinWithWeQ sweepstakes! We really enjoyed your cool photos and some lucky winners took home some hi-fi and sports gear. Congratulations! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more stories and updates.


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