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MWC19 Highlights – Day 4

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Despite its high pace, Mobile World Congress is one of those events that’s more like a marathon rather than a sprint. On Day 4, we can certainly claim that we have made it! We were still there bright and early to showcase our current offering, discuss partnership opportunities and swap advice with our peers.

AI, Machine Learning and Your Access Network(s) was the last talk of the event that we decided to attend to gain even more insights into the very relevant and important topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI is set to revolutionise how the telecom industry competes and grows. According to Peter Laurin, SVP & Head of Business Area Managed Services at Ericsson, operators need AI to keep up with operation complexity.

One operational challenge, faced by many, is dealing with the mass of user, device, application and network service data travelling inside the enterprise access infrastructure.

Dan Warren, Head of 5G Research at Samsung Research, pointed out that challenges also come from 5G data availability, since it’s still early days. “Right now, the data is about consumer networks. We use AI for anomaly detection in 4G. On an operational level you can correct things very quickly, with 5G we will be training as we go,” he added.

AI is certainly a new way to drive efficiency, maximize resource utilisation and improve customer experience. It is reassuring to know that major telecom operators already look at the practical applications of AI to help drive down costs, drive up productivity and deliver better user experiences on the network.

With Mobile World Congress coming to an end, feel free to reach out to us via We also encourage you to keep an eye on other upcoming industry events to connect with our mobile experts. They will be happy to introduce you to our innovative solutions to help you acquire more users and monetize traffic globally.

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Sadly, it’s time to say goodbye to Barcelona. ¡Hasta la próxima!


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