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Why Publish with WeQ?

WeQ STUDIOS provides publishing services to mobile developers of all sizes for the chance to launch, market and grow their games at scale. By combining its comprehensive publishing platform with user acquisition expertise and premium player acquisition, WeQ STUDIOS brings iPhone and Android games to audiences worldwide, pushing them to the top of the charts.

About Us

WeQ STUDIOS is a boutique gaming studio and publisher owned by mobile advertising company WeQ. Headquartered in Berlin, its world-class team of gaming professionals is passionate about helping developers and advertisers publish and grow their mobile games, setting them up for success.

Why Choose WeQ STUDIOS


We work with our partners transparently, with fairness and full respect for intellectual property


We offer premium player acquisition, combining our extensive industry knowledge with publishing capabilities


Behind WeQ STUDIOS is a world-class team of gaming professionals passionate about helping developers publish and grow their mobile games


We achieve our partners’ goals by combining monetization expertise and mobile advertising knowledge

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