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WeQ at the Dragon Boats Media Cup 2019

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Last Friday afternoon, we competed in the 11th Dragon Boats Media Cup. It was the second year in a row for us to row our boat (see what we did there?) in the river Spree in Berlin during this exciting event. After all, the WeQ team of sports enthusiasts doesn’t shy away from a challenge and whether it involves running (and getting soaked in the rain) or paddling (and getting splashed in water) – count us in!

This fun event is held annually next to the picturesque and iconic Oberbaumbrücke (Oberbaum bridge) in the German capital and sees teams from over 30 local media companies compete in long tail boats, by racing over a distance of 200m. Apart from the eternal fame and glory that comes with landing first place, the winners also get to choose the charity that is to receive 10% of the total revenue from the proceedings of the event.

At the sound of “are you ready, attention, go!” our boat took off at high speed, powered by 16 paddlers and one drummer. Decked out in our stylish branded WeQ t-shirts, we made the most of the energy from our highly motivating drummer and a loud crowd of supporters cheering us on, to power us through. While we did have an organized training session prior to the race, we attribute our team’s success to their athletic prowess and strong team spirit. It was a fantastic team effort and we absolutely loved the experience!

After the event, we enjoyed a celebratory time with our team and the mild weather, while still in high spirits. It was the perfect start to a summer weekend! High-fives all around to our WeQ paddlers, the event organizers and fellow participants. Wir sehen uns nächstes Jahr (see you next year!)

Check out more photos from this incredible event on our Facebook and Instagram pages.


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