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WeQ INFLUENCERS Announces Partnership with TikTok

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We are delighted to announce the partnership between WeQ’s marketing agency WeQ INFLUENCERS and TikTok, a popular destination for short-form mobile videos. Through this partnership, WeQ INFLUENCERS will provide brands and app developers with access to native advertising campaigns including TikTok influencers.

By working with Tiktok, WeQ INFLUENCERS unlocks a powerful marketing channel for brands, which is rapidly gaining in popularity. Currently, Tik Tok holds the number one spot for social media app downloads, having surpassed 1 billion downloads in 2018 and beating Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube (Business Insider). It also counts 58,1 million average global monthly downloads (Sensor Tower).

As an official partner of TikTok, WeQ INFLUENCERS has been running promotional campaigns for renowned brands as well as entertainment and gaming companies since their launch earlier this year. This enables WeQ INFLUENCERS to deliver impactful and scalable influencer campaigns through expertly designed collaborations between brands, apps, agencies and influencers. Examples of the current and most effective ways that marketers are leveraging influencers on the platform to promote their games include pre-launch promotions, game launches and post-launch promotions. As for advertising opportunities, TikTok video ads can direct users to a website, an app page, or promote a hashtag challenge.

This news was widely covered by leading industry English and German-speaking media. Read about how WeQ INFLUENCERS can help clients run their campaigns on TikTok. Click on the publication links below, or see the full press coverage listing on


Mobile Marketer
Marketing Interactive



Additionally, WeQ INFLUENCERS announced that they are conducting a campaign for a major PC gaming company with a live streaming event at gamescom in Cologne, involving key influencers. Make sure to scout the floor and look out for the WeQ INFLUENCERS team, if you are also attending! To inquire about TikTok advertising opportunities for your campaigns, drop us a line at


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