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WeQ Summer Party Highlights

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On July 6th we gathered with our colleagues under the summer sun for a fun night of celebrations with a tropical flair. Our fiesta was the perfect occasion to “fla-mingle” with the team and celebrate our achievements since the launch of WeQ last April.

Our Berlin HQ was decked out in flamingo-themed decorations, with all the essentials for a sizzling grill out ‘n chill out. We kicked off with some summer tunes and drinks in the backyard and a speech from our CEO Markus Malti. Meanwhile indoor, football fans were treated to the World Cup games — Uruguay vs France, followed by Brazil vs Belgium.

Next, we played the “find-your-match” game: the previous day each team member had been given a card with a famous person’s name (real or imaginary, past or present) and asked to dress up or accessorize as the character — half of an iconic famous couple — and keep their identity a secret until the game started. Once the green light was given, the aim was to make oneself instantly recognizable to their famous match. The first couple to find each other amongst the crowd and present themselves to our jury would win the game. In our case, Shrek and Fiona beat the competition (well, the green ears and nose instantly gave them away) and took home some cool prizes. We loved seeing the WeQs get creative with their outfits: from Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, to the Flintstones and the Hercules’, there was no shortage of laughs and picture posing – see if you can spot all the famous couples in our photo gallery!

With the grills on full blast and the barbecue out in full force, partygoers were treated to delicious grilled meat, freshly-made salads and other yummy snacks. The drinks were flowing as our DIY station was replenished with summer cocktail ingredients and a variety of drinks.

It was not long until everyone let loose on the dancefloor, partying to a selection of nostalgic pop hits and dance music. It was the perfect time to do the limbo dance and also bring out the flamingo piñata, which saw the WeQs queuing up to have a go with their blindfold on and bat in hand (we are happy to report that despite a close call, there were no casualties!). Indoor, the foosball table also saw a lot of action and fierce competition between teams as the evening progressed.

All in all, there were good vibes all around! A big thanks goes out to our wonderful event organizer Vanessa and the volunteers who helped her put it together – and of course, to all the attendees who made this a truly memorable event.

Check out the picture gallery on Facebook and have a look at our Insta Stories #WeFlamingle to see some of the entertaining highlights from our summer party.


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