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WeQ Trends Report: Israel Mobile Summit 2018

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What is Israel Mobile Summit all about?

Now in its 8th edition, the ad tech conference is by far the largest of its kind in Israel and one of the most prestigious in the region, bringing together over 2000 of the ‘best and brightest mobile minds’ in the mobile industry.

Why was WeQ there?

Networking opportunities: We were excited to showcase our new brand WeQ in Israel’s burgeoning tech hub of Tel Aviv and introduce our mobile advertising solutions to the discerning public at Israel Mobile Summit. We also connected with fellow industry leaders of the mobile app marketing sphere: from meeting existing partners, to forging new connections. At our branded booth, WeQ’s dedicated team was happy to chat all things mobile advertising and talk through our solutions that help publishers monetize.

Sharing and gaining industry knowledge: IMS is known for its influential speakers, so we were thrilled that our CPO Dr. Steffen Wachenfeld joined the roster on the topic of machine learning and user acquisition, both as a speaker and as a panelist. At WeQ, Steffen applies the principles of machine learning to make real-time mobile advertising decisions. To share relevant industry insights, he took part in the panel “Taming the Machine – Improving Programmatic’s Performance”; and gave the presentation “When Human Meets Tech: User Acquisition of Tomorrow”. Here you can find out more about Steffen.

Aside from sharing industry knowledge, we also attended some of the key talks ourselves to keep up to speed with the dynamic, ever-changing and innovative ad tech scene – and apply these findings to help our clients achieve their mobile advertising KPIs. Read them below.

Key Mobile Advertising Trends

Image credit: Israel Mobile Summit

  • Mobility Apps & Sharing Apps are on the rise, which reflect the social trends towards the “sharing economy”. Some mobility solutions offer cheap and comfy door-to-door services. Oren Shoval, co-founder of Via presented a new generation of machine learning mobility applications, where small coordinated shuttles collect passengers on optimal routes, cost-effectively. Already available in several cities worldwide
  • New ad formats like playable ads are in high demand
  • Casual and hyper-casual gaming are becoming more popular: they hold a huge share and knowledge, which might prove useful for developing playable ads cheap, fast and in good quality. Increasingly, the top 10 gaming app companies are becoming providers of these types of gaming apps
  • The GDPR topic continues: although companies are becoming more prepared, there is a general sense of frustration and fear that the regulation will negatively affect business. Only time will tell its impact, until then, the general motto adopted seems to be Han Solo’s: “Everything’s perfectly all right now. We’re fine. We’re all fine here, now, thank you. How are you?”
  • In tech, the buzzwords for this year are: API integration, mediation and header bidding. Meditation and header-bidding allow faster decision-making on which ad is played. It uses a fully programmatic approach, which has higher revenue potential by exploiting profitable ads that would not have been reached in the waterfall model. In addition, it allows better connection of direct traffic sources.

Image credit: Israel Mobile Summit

Key Takeaways from Steffen’s Speech

With over 5 million apps in the app stores currently, how does one make sure that their app is noticed and grows a truly engaged user base? Our CPO Dr. Steffen Wachenfeld shared his point of view.

He suggested the following basic but essential things for getting noticed

  • Bring Management, Developers and Marketing together to look at the same KPIs
  • Create a Customer Lifetime Model, gamify the App and use relevant post-install events for marketing
  • Besides doing app store optimization, use burst campaigns to help boost your app to the top of the charts, and establish a brand for your app
  • Use Machine Learning and automation when doing creative optimization

He talked about how AI is changing the advertising landscape and how app developers can use automation, machine learning and AI to go beyond pure CTR and CR prediction and optimization. Some clever applications include CLV model generation and finding of those features/characteristics that are actually relevant. Additional examples were monitoring and alerting, e.g. on unusual traffic pattern or user behavior, as well as using natural language processing for questions that campaign managers have to the data, which could replace Excel and pivot tables for them.

Steffen closed his talk with the claim: “Exact/precise targeting is for believers – but statistics, ML and AI allow to do it better and easier”.

And after the conference…. Party-time!

To close off the proceedings in style at IMS 18, WeQ co-hosted a party with partners from TUNE HasOffers at the beautiful venue Speakeasy, one of Tel Aviv’s hottest rooftop bars. On this balmy evening, we were joined by our trusted partners and also made some new friends. We are happy to report that the party was a huge success – so a big thanks goes out to our partners TUNE, the organizers and our lovely guests who joined us to celebrate and mingle!

Last but not least: the hospitality shown by our local partners has been amazing, and we had a fantastic time catching up with them during our trip. Huge thanks and L’hitraot (till next time)!

You can view the entire photo album from party on our Facebook page here. If you’d like to see a visual recap of our trip, head over to our Instagram Feed & #IMS18 Stories.


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