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WeQ’s Best Football Apps for the World Cup 2018

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With less than a month to go until the FIFA 2018 World Cup kicks off on June 14 in Russia, football fever (or rather soccer, for our US friends) is fast sweeping through the WeQ HQ! With 32 global teams headed to Russia in the aim of winning the title of “best team in the world” and 36 nationalities residing at WeQ, we expect there will be plenty to discuss – and also some healthy competition surrounding the tournament!

To prepare for the occasion, we’ve asked our resident mobile experts and football fans to share their favourite football apps for “being on the ball” during the World Cup, as well as apps for indulging in some virtual footwork when the gaming fever strikes. Let us introduce you to the game changers of the football apps arsenal below.

Football News Apps

Do you get a kick out of being the first in the know about football-related news? Keep atop of who’s hired, fired, and watch highlights from your favourite strikers with the best football and sports news apps. – chosen by John Schlüter, Chief Marketing Officer

Goal is reputedly the world’s number one website for football news, so make sure to download the app version so you can receive breaking news on the go, says our CMO John Schlüter: “I check this app religiously for football live scores and outcome predictions. I will definitely be doing so during the World Cup – which we all know will be won by Germany, of course ;)”

Onefootball – chosen by Simone Arduini, Publisher Relations Manager

A must-have for every football fan, this app counts over 20 million downloads in over 200 countries, as it’s packed with highlights, videos and live commentary from the experts. Simone will be making the most of the app during the World Cup, despite Team Azzurri not qualifying this year. He said: “I like the community aspect: you can predict the results of matches and vote for the best players along with fellow football fans. What’s more, you can personalize content based on the teams you support and keep an eye on social media trending topics via the “social” feed.”

11 Freunde – chosen by Alex Weber, Business Development Manager

The 11FREUNDE football culture app keeps you up to date on what’s happening on and off the pitch, from the Bundesliga to the Champions League. Alex said: “By far the most interesting articles about football. It’s not only about Ronaldo’s new haircut, they also write about smaller leagues, not so famous teams or players and try to enlighten every aspect of this beautiful game that usually doesn’t get a lot of attention. Also it’s very entertaining to read as they don’t take themselves or the game too seriously! The downside? It’s only in German as far as I know.”

Livescore – chosen by Raimondo Manzi, Junior Ad Operations Manager

Football fan Raimondo uses this clever app not only for keeping up to date with his beloved team Juventus, but other sports results too. He said: “This good old fashioned app does exactly what it says on the tin! It easily keeps me up to date with all the latest scores and in-depth matches coverage all in one place – not only for following the world cup tournament, but also tennis and hockey, which I enjoy.”

Sofascore – chosen by Weronika Czekaj, Head of Marketing

SofaScore gives live coverage for all leagues and competitions across 22 sports: from football to motorsports. Weronika is a sports lover and has been known to compete in half-marathons and trek her way around the globe, so this app is right up her street. She said: “Not only will I be following my team, Poland, during the world cup, but as a former Londoner I am a bit of a tennis fanatic when it comes to Wimbledon and will be watching both tournaments! Now a resident Berliner, I support Alba Berlin’s basketball club. This neat app keeps all the results in one place.”.

Gaming Apps

Don’t watch on the sidelines! Get the ball rolling – virtually speaking – and set off on your glistening virtual football career with some of the most entertaining football mobile games on the market.

Online Head Ball – chosen by Stefan Pruteanu, Team Lead, Client Services APAC

Over 30 million football fans around the world are playing this endearing 1 vs 1 soccer game. Beware – it can get highly competitive and addictive, Stefan warns: “This is a really fun app! Very engaging and dynamic, you just get dragged into it and can’t get out. I started playing it after a friend showed it to me, but I had to stop as it took too much of my time. You can play online or with a friend: the best part is when you play with someone and you’re kicking their ass and they get mad and quit the game!”.

New Star Soccer – chosen by Arsenia Nikolaeva, Team Lead Communications & PR

If you were a fan of the Sims, like Arsenia, or dreamt of becoming a famous football player, you’ll enjoy this game. New Star Soccer allows you to create your own alter ego in the industry: the challenge is to launch your soccer career as a promising 16 year old, while keeping team-mates, coach, partners and sponsors happy. Arsenia confirms there’s no shortage of fun: “It’s not all about what happens on the pitch… There are unexpected twists in the game, like shunning the temptation of blowing your earnings at the casino or accepting shady bribes. Surely more realistic than your average football game!”

Flick Kick Football – chosen by Liz Marchetti, Social Media & Content Manager

Put your finger on it! This football game is all about scoring the winning goal – you can lob, drive, curve and shoot the ball with the flick of your finger. What makes it unique is the quirky, old school style of the graphics. Liz said: “I like the vintage and analogue-style look and feel – very refreshing! The graphics remind me of those early 80’s Japanese sports cartoons I used to watch when I was a kid ‘Captain Tsubasa’ and ‘Attacker You!’. Plus, it’s pretty easy to play – not a lot of strategy required, just quick reflexes.”

Dream League Soccer – chosen by Thorsten Russ, Senior Ad Operations Manager

Who hasn’t dreamt of getting a say in who’s hired and fired in their own football team? If you fancy yourself a famous coach like Jürgen Klopp, this app is perfect for playing manager. Thorsten uses it to keep his daily commute entertaining: “As a football fan, I keep a close watch on the football players market – who’s who, and which teams get the best players. This beautifully designed game allows me to create my own dream team, which is a lot of fun! You also have to be very smart and tactical to win your way up the league.”

Unibet Sports Betting – chosen by Luca Evangelista, Senior Key Account Manager

A little bit of football gambling never hurt anybody, right? Sports betting pro Luca Evangelista clearly thinks so. If you’re also a fan of the rush that comes from betting on football matches predictions, check out this app. Luca said: “This app allows me to bet on the upcoming and live games straight from my phone. The World Cup has some exciting matches coming up and with so much at stake, betting on prediction of the outcomes will be even more exciting. Since Italy is out of this year’s tournament, I’ll be cheering like crazy on Iceland!””


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